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The Selwyn Institute

In the spirit of ageing well

The Selwyn Institute is a place that celebrates ageing. 

Our goal is to find ways to better understand what is required to maintain meaning, and wellbeing, for those growing older. 

We approach this from our own perspective, and experience, as well as embracing viewpoints from individuals, and organisations, from around the world. 

Our aim is to be a voice that helps others create a more informed perspective into the joys, challenges, opportunities, issues and changes that are part of ageing. 


Helping you age well         

The Institute focusses on uncovering, understanding, and then sharing, information related to the dynamics behind ageing and wellbeing. 

We take a holistic view to develop initiatives, and produce outcomes, based around an emerging global interest in the concept of Ageing Well. 

A perspective that says as we grow older we can continue to get better. 

An approach that starts with you     

We like to push boundaries and challenge conventions. We do this to make sure the utmost is being done for the people we care for and care about. 

The Institute achieves this through independent initiatives, or in association with other parties, actively involved in the Aged Care sector and services. 

Learn and grow         

We provide forums to share opinions, findings, thoughts and information to help people lead, discover, learn, grow and inspire themselves and others. 

We conduct and analyse research and have built a particular leadership role in spirituality as it relates to ageing and wellbeing. 

We create and promote programmes and services whereby other organisations can benefit from our experience to achieve their own goals.  

Future with a past  

Our approach, and reputation, are underpinned by decades of work in the Aged Care sector as part of The Selwyn Foundation. We’re guided by the notion that, in order to care for older people, you have to care about them.

Based in New Zealand we’re fortunate to have the contribution of the Tangata Whenua Maori concepts related to respecting, and embracing, the power of growing old to help guide us. With applications, we believe, that resonate well beyond our shores.

Similarly, our affiliations with the Church of England provide us with a strong pastoral perspective on aged care.   


Informing and Engaging  

The Institute exists to engage with anyone with an active interest, and role, in the Aged Care sector. With this orientation aimed specifically at helping people, and others, to age well.

You can engage with the Institute in a number of ways, and on different levels, based on your particular perspective, area of interest or expertise.

Our aim is to be a fresh, relevant, innovative, insightful, and a stimulating voice. We have identified five areas where we hope to make a difference.