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Reintroduction of visitor restrictions for rest home, hospital and dementia care in response to increasing risk of COVID-19 community transmission. Alert: Increasing risk of COVID-19 community transmission


Community services for older adults

Providing care and support to seniors in their community

An ageing population and longer life expectancy demands a realistic change to the way we provide services to those people over 65 years old. “Ageing in place” is a concept favoured by policy-makers, which reflects the strong desire of older New Zealanders to live independently in their own communities. The Selwyn Foundation is committed to providing services that support older people to live full and independent lives in their own home, within their own community for as long as possible. We are also working with retirement villages where no residential care is provided to deliver services to their independent living residents. Call Sandi on 0800 30 1234 to discuss how we can help you and your residents.

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    Best practice exercise programs and management perspectives

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  • Rehabilitation

    Promoting independence using evidenced-based rehabilitation and reablement programmes.

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  • Hospital Avoidance

    Suite of highly responsive and targeted wrap-around services to help you avoid unnecessary hospital admissions, readmissions and to enable early discharge.

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  • Social Engagement

    Caring for those over the age of 65 who are lonely or socially isolated, through our Selwyn Centres and other initiatives.

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  • The Selwyn Foundation provides care and support to elders in their community The Selwyn Foundation provides care and support to elders in their community

    Community Support

    We understand that life in a retirement village is not for everyone. But, more often than not, eventually older people need professional support to continue living at home.

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    We would love to hear from you, contact us today.

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    Telehealth has a proven track record in improving healthcare plans, progress and outcomes for people living with long-term health conditions. All aided with easier access to care via communications technologies.