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About Us

The Selwyn Foundation is an independent, Christian faith-based New Zealand registered charity providing services to older people and their families.

Our pioneering retirement village model and rest home care approach has led the way in New Zealand for over sixty five years. We are uniquely experienced in providing residential care, independent retirement living and community outreach services for older people.

With the number of people in the country aged 65 and over set to increase dramatically, Selwyn's mission will take on even greater importance in the coming years. Building on our achievements to date, we continue to innovate, diversify and offer flexible care options that meet the present and future needs of older people and their families.

Our Charitable Mission

An enduring mission: to deliver quality services that are responsive to the ageing person and their family, ensuring that our charitable outreach supports those who are vulnerable or in need.

Our original Constitution set out the principles that have guided the way The Selwyn Foundation provides its quality care and support - both materially and spiritually. The vision was, and remains, so strong it has redefined support for elders, and its significance is reflected in our charitable activities, community services, village environments and in our care for the most vulnerable or in greatest need in the wider community.

Our charitable mission is as relevant now as it was in the early 1950s. Loneliness, financial hardship and the lack of affordable age-friendly housing have the same consequences for health and wellbeing now as then. We have helped so many families over the years, but there is much still to do. Guided by The Selwyn Way and our faith values, we continue to meet the challenge.

Social Impact

In keeping with our mission, our charitable focus is three-pronged: to combat social isolation and loneliness, increase social housing and offer hardship support. In all that we do, we never lose sight of the importance of Tikanga and our Christian faith.


  • Our History

    “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift..., which is why we call it the present.” - Bill Keane

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  • The Selwyn Way

    The Selwyn Way is our approach to the care and wellbeing of all who connect with The Selwyn Foundation.

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  • Governance

    Our governance practices actively embody the nature of The Selwyn Foundation, its charitable structure and our stakeholders’ range of interests.

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  • Partnerships

    We support our ongoing charitable outreach programmes financially by partnering with commercial organisations who prove they have a strategic alignment with our mission.

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  • Honours

    Founders’ Day commemorates our history and all those who have shaped and enriched our organisation since 1954.

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  • News

    The latest news can be found in the In-touch newsletter

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Annual Reports

View the latest annual report and older editions here.

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