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‘For service of heart, hand and mind.’

Selwyn Village opened its doors on 22nd May 1954.

That date became Founders’ Day, and every year The Selwyn Foundation celebrates the visionaries who made it happen, and everyone who’s contributed to our achievements since then.

In particular, Life Members and Companions of the Foundation are honoured at a service of thanksgiving held in Selwyn Village’s Chapel of Christ the King. They are presented with commemorative medals depicting the images of Bishop and Sarah Selwyn. Specially commissioned in bronze for the occasion, the inscription reads:

‘For service of Heart, Hand and Mind’

 – a sentiment often used by Bishop Selwyn in his sermons and speeches.

Founders’ Day is an homage to long-lasting traditions and honours those who shaped and enriched the Foundation, so that they will be remembered long into the future.

Life Member

Life Members are appointed by The Selwyn Foundation Board in recognition of outstanding service to the Foundation and the wider Selwyn community. Life Members are entitled to vote on any matter or question at any Annual Meeting or Extraordinary Meeting of the Foundation.

New Life member honoured in 2015

Sally Naulls was honoured for her service in establishing and coordinating our community outreach ministry in Selwyn Centres. These Centres were established in 2000 to address the issues of social isolation and loneliness of the elderly living independently in their communities. Working with parishes to expand the ministry, Sally opened 42 centres, caring for over 800 elderly weekly. Selwyn Centres are now located as far afield as Christchurch (in answer to post-earthquake needs), Waikato, Auckland and Northland.

Life Members:
  • Richard Caughey, 2014
  • The Reverend Peter Coughlan, 2014
  • Mrs Margaret Dunn, 2014
  • The Reverend Duncan Macdonald, 2014
  • The Right Reverend Richard Randerson, 2014
  • Reverend Canon Ron Bambury, 1987
  • Miss Phyllis Goode, 1987
  • Reverend Canon Kenneth R. Small, 1987
  • Dr N C Baskett, 1975
  • Canon Douglas Caswell, 1974
  • Mr C K Harrison, 1971
  • Sir Bob Kerridge, 1971
  • Captain Stanley Banyard, 1970
  • Mr S R English, 1970
  • Mr Noel Herries


The Selwyn Foundation Board created this new category in 2014 to recognise people who have been generous to the Foundation in their spiritual guidance, leadership or in their gift of time, expertise or for their significant donation.

New Companions honoured in 2017

Colin Bowring

In recognition for his outstanding service to The Selwyn Foundation and its community in the field of property development during a period of growth, expansion and innovation, spanning a period of some 11 years (2005 – 2016).

The Reverend Stephen Brooker

For his service to the Foundation in the areas of volunteering, fundraising, marketing and promotion that has spanned a period of some 24 years (1993 – 2017).

Raewyn Fitzsimons

For her outstanding service to The Selwyn Foundation in a caregiving capacity initially at Christ’s Hospital and now at Selwyn Village’s secure dementia unit, Brian Wells Lodge for a period of over 30 years.

Dr Rod Perkins

For his service to the Foundation from 2008 until 2016 in his roles as General Manager Research and Planning and, later, GM Foundation Development and Charitable Activity. 

Betty Pyatt MBE

For her service to Christ’s Hospital, her continued years of volunteering at Selwyn Village and her long and close association with the Foundation spanning a period of 43 years. 

Professor David Richmond

In recognition of his work for older people in his role as inaugural Chair of The Hope Foundation and his close association with The Selwyn Foundation.

  • Russell Florence, 2016
  • Dame Diane Robertson, 2016
  • Dr Chris Perkins, 2015
  • Jan Culpan, 2015
  • Ross Gregory, 2015
  • John Avery, 2014
  • Katie Borobokas, 2014
  • John Cameron, 2014
  • John Cockcroft, 2014
  • Jim Frater, 2014
  • The Right Reverend Bruce Gilberd, 2014
  • Dr Sue Hancock, 2014
  • The Very Reverend Geoffrey Hickman, 2014
  • Dawn Jones, 2014
  • George Langton, 2014
  • Shirley Lees, 2014
  • The Reverend John Marcon, 2014
  • The Right Reverend John Paterson, 2014
  • Joanna Pidgeon, 2014
  • Dr Gillian Reid, 2014
  • Professor Russell Stone, 2014
  • Graeme Stormont, 2014
  • Beverley Yakas, 2014
  • The Reverend Frank Wright, 2014