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Royal Oak Selwyn Centre

St John the Evangelist Anglican Church

Royal Oak Selwyn Centre


9:30 am - 12:00 pm

What's on offer at the Royal Oak Selwyn Centre

  • social activities
  • gentle exercise
  • a varied programme of events
  • laughter and fun
  • morning tea
  • practical advice and information
  • personal support

$3 per session (morning tea included).

Contact the Royal Oak Selwyn Centre

"'I started attending the Selwyn Centre at Royal Oak when it started over 2 years ago. Most of the folks who attend have been coming for some time. they are a lovely group of people. We all get on very well and always have a great time, doing exercises and playing games. Heather, who takes the group is amazing, each week is different. Everyone joins in the games etc. It's always lots of fun and laughter. I hope it continues for some time."

Selwyn Centre guest

Heather Corlett-Kristensen

Royal Oak Selwyn Centre Coordinator

The Royal Oak Selwyn Centre meets each Tuesday morning 9.30 to noon. We have a mix of genders and a spread of ages from sixty-five to ninety-five. Genuine friendships have been made through the weekly contact. We endeavour to provide a ‘family around the kitchen table’ atmosphere, where all are welcome. A fabulous team of volunteers support the coordinator to provide a morning of variety. No two weeks are the same. Whilst there is structure within the programme, the vibe is very relaxed. Ours is a very active club and our content reflects this. We are an extremely friendly bunch of folk who have the welcome mat out for anyone over sixty-five who may like to join us. Come along one Tuesday. See if our club is what you are looking for.

Heather Corlett-Kristensen
021 050 2987
St John the Evangelist Anglican Church,
6 Chandler Ave, Royal Oak