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Royal Oak Selwyn Centre

St John the Evangelist Anglican Church

Royal Oak Selwyn Centre


9:30 am - 12:00 pm

What's on offer at the Royal Oak Selwyn Centre

  • social activities
  • gentle exercise
  • a varied programme of events
  • laughter and fun
  • morning tea
  • practical advice and information
  • personal support

$4 per session (morning tea included).

Contact the Royal Oak Selwyn Centre

“Our coordinator, Heather, is bonkers!! But she’s a great leader, with a strong volunteer base supporting her. I call my Tuesday mornings, ‘Fun Club’.
Without doubt, it is the highlight of my week.”

Selwyn Centre guest

Heather Corlett-Kristensen

Royal Oak Selwyn Centre Coordinator

We like shaking things up at our gatherings. No two weeks are the same. The club is buoyed along on a wave of friendship, masses of laughter and a full on organised diverse programme.

There’s still room for more ‘at-the-table’ so to speak. If you’re thinking of joining us, you’d be most welcome. Don’t delay. A few of our current members did delay taking that first step and were kicking themselves when they finally crossed the threshold and realised what they’d been missing. Learn from their mistake. Pick up the phone now. Contact me today. You’ll be pleased you did.

Heather Corlett-Kristensen
021 050 2987
St John the Evangelist Anglican Church,
6 Chandler Ave, Royal Oak