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11 Jul 2024

Purposely Podcast interview with Chief Executive Denise Cosgrove

“It’s such an exciting phase for the Foundation. We’re on the cusp of having all the things lined up in terms of what we might want to do to shift the focus to be around respectful ageing for all in the community.

 “If you want to achieve real change, you have to give it the time, the money and the energy and resources to do so – and stick with it. I would say that, in the next five years, we will have made some fundamental shifts in terms of some of the things that just don’t appear to be changing at all (as regards inequity experienced by vulnerable older people). If we could achieve some degree of change, it would just be massive and really shift the dial.”

Chief Executive Denise Cosgrove has recently been interviewed for the ‘Purposely Podcast’ series, which profiles leaders in the not-for-profit and charitable sector. In the 60-minute interview, she speaks about The Selwyn Foundation’s Vision, our strategic areas of focus and the impact we’re aiming to have in reducing inequity for vulnerable older people through our Respectful Ageing strategy. Denise also talks openly about her career to date, her childhood, family and personal life.