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Providing care and support to elders in their community.

An ageing population and longer life expectancy demands a realistic change to the way we provide services to elderly people.  

“Ageing in place” is a concept favoured by policy-makers, which reflects the strong desire of older New Zealanders to live independently in their own communities. 

Community outreach and services for older adults.

The Selwyn Foundation continues to look for new ways to support older New Zealanders in their own homes. Our community outreach is most evident in the Selwyn Centres. More than 700 people a week are guests at community drop-in centres based in over 39 venues. Provided in association with Anglican parishes, the programme means people who may be living alone and are in need of companionship remain active, healthy and independent in their own neighbourhoods.

  • Selwyn Centres

    Friendship, help and support for older people. Drop in for a cup of tea...

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  • Dementia Day Services

    Our dementia day centres achieved the highest scores in recent Australasian research.

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  • Social Housing

    As a Community Housing Provider, The Selwyn Foundation constantly looks at innovative ways to expand its services.

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  • Community Care Services

    Much of our work benefits the wider community - from our Selwyn Centres to the work we do with other organisations involved in aged care.

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  • Be a volunteer

    The more we give, the happier we feel. If you want to develop ongoing friendships and engage with the community, consider volunteering today.

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  • Hardship Support

    The Selwyn Foundation administers funds for our residents who cannot afford some of the essentials for healthy living.

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