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2019 Gerontology Nursing Conference

4 October 2019, Auckland

The Selwyn Institute shares an array of practical knowledge and advice with those who have an interest in helping others age well, in order to achieve better outcomes in the long-term for older people and their families. An important event in its calendar of annual knowledge-exchange initiatives is the Gerontology Nursing conference, which is designed to help professionals identify, understand, and work with the complex problems in the aged care sector, whether it’s caring for people in residential aged care or in the wider community. This year’s Gerontology Nursing conference focus is on vulnerability and resilience and how this impacts older people. We are looking forward to putting together another informative conference in 2019 and hope you’ll join us by registering your interest below

Speaker Presentations

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The nurse’s role in building resilience

The Selwyn Institute’s 2019 Gerontology Nursing Conference explored vulnerability and frailty in older people. Particularly the role nurses play in building resilience and the capability to ‘bounce back’ from illness, injury or other of life’s setbacks.

This is an important topic for a number of reasons.

The United Nations has thrown down the challenge of understanding the changes in the way we age. With the specific aim of reducing vulnerability and promoting resilience as we grow older.

As health care professionals, and those committed to supporting older people age well, what are the various ‘faces’ that represent vulnerability in our work and in our communities?

Are we on the ‘same page’ as the United Nations in understanding, and embracing, the challenges and solutions?

Is frailty, now recognised as a key factor underpinning a range of health problems in later life, the main issue for nurses working in aged care?

Alternatively, are there other factors where health care professionals need to take a leading role? Both in doing the ‘right’ thing and managing situations where something has gone wrong?

Finally, as the people on the ‘front line’ caring for the vulnerable, what are the resources nurses need, or can rely on, to keep themselves resilient.

The Gerontology Nursing conference is designed to help professionals recognise and reduce vulnerability and the risks it poses for older people – whether in residential aged care settings or in the wider community. The focus will be on knowledge sharing and providing practical pathways. As well as speakers from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, there will be opportunities to voice your own questions or concerns.

Photos from the 2019 Gerontology Nursing Conference

About this year's speakers

Hilda Johnson-Bogaerts

Director, Selwyn Institute

Dr Janine Wiles

Associate Professor at The University of Auckland

Resilience in older people – what we can learn from older people

Justine Lee

Educator, InterRAI Services

The InterRAI picture

Philippa Mandeno and Dawn Jun

The University of Auckland

Research of sedentary behaviour in older adults living in residential care

Dr. Michal Boyd

Nurse practitioner and Associate professor

Health and Safety Quality Commission - Frailty Care Guides

Dr Elizabeth Niven

Family perspective

Meenal Duggal

Deputy Health & Disability Commissioner, Complaints Resolution

Doing the right thing for vulnerable people and their family. What can we learn about these complaints?

Dr. Kathy Peri

Senior Lecturer at The University of Auckland

Non-pharmaceutical interventions that work

John Ashley

COO - Community, The Selwyn Foundation

Technology's role in supporting independence

Maya Nova

Mindfulness trainer, mindful leadership consultant, speaker and coach

How can we look after others until we learn to look after ourselves?