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Knowledge Exchange

The Selwyn Institute Ageing and Spirituality Conference


The 2019 Selwyn Institute Ageing & Spirituality Conference will explore the power of resilience in older people. We will look at resilience as a strength and capability to balance our vulnerability, integral for one’s capacity to deal with adversity.


The path to inner strength

The American Psychologists Association defines resilience as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress. These sources of threat can be mental, physical as well as spiritual.

Living longer, by nature, will increase the likelihood of encountering situations that create vulnerability. “Bounce Back” becomes all the more critical the longer we live.

So where does this capability stem from? There is certainly no magic pill involved. Rather it comes from experience and insights meshed with dogged determination and a spirit to overcome adversity. Often those who care such as family, friends or health professionals ‘hold’ the resilience when a person is particularly frail.
Resilience building techniques come from the ability to share experiences, and results. Stories, it seems, have both an empowering and therapeutic effect in guiding oneself or others to a point of recovery and re-engagement.

Sharing stories and secrets of success will be the focus of this year’s conference. We will investigate the many aspects of resilience from a myriad of perspectives answering these, and other compelling and engaging, questions.

  • What are the different, or even essential, contributors to creating and building on resilience?
  • What makes people resilient or otherwise?
  • What does resilience look and feel like?
  • What are the spiritual aspects of resilience? Are these an essential part of a successful ageing well ‘mix’?
  • Are some people, or cultures, more resilient than others? Why is storytelling such a valuable point of engagement for those telling their tales as well as people who listen?
  • Is there, in fact, an emotional, spiritual and even psychological benefit from the sharing of insights and achievements that goes on beyond just building resilience?

Please join us on Friday 1 November for the 2019 Ageing and Spirituality Conference. There will be speakers from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, along with collaborative and practical sessions. This conference will be of particular interest to older people, the spiritually minded, health and aged-care workers, chaplains and pastoral caregivers, members of religious organisations, students, academics, and anyone involved in caring for older people.

Are you interested in the 2019 Ageing and Spirituality Conference?