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08 Aug 2022

About tai chi

Ageing well

With over two and a half millennium of recorded history, clearly Tai Chi has longevity on its side.

Catching on outside of its original culture home it now is seen as one of the most powerful, and positive, ways to improve physical and mental health. Findings show there are at least 7 enduring benefits to practicing the art, exercise and discipline.

These include:

  • Better Balance: Studies show older adults who did Tai Chi one to three times a week were 43% less likely to fall, and they cut their risk of injury in half! This is significant as 25% of your muscle mass is gone by age 70 and the majority of people who break a hip never fully regain their preinjury state.
  • Pain Relief: Tai Chi offers significant relief from back, neck, arthritis, and fibromyalgia or widespread muscle pain and tenderness.
  • A Sharper Mind: It’s shown to help reduce age-related cognitive decline ... and some claim it slows progression of dementia.
  • Better Heart Health: Tai Chi may reduce your chances of developing heart disease — even if you have risk factors.
  • Improved Attitude: Studies have shown that in 82% of people, Tai Chi was attributed to greatly improving mood and lowering anxiety. It’s also an effective treatment for depression.
  • Less Stress: The secret is taking deep, calming breaths to reduce anxiety and depression. Breathing in through the nose versus mouth and then exhaling through the mouth.


Tai Chi for seniors
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Published: June 2022

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