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11 Apr 2018

Selwyn goes to the Oscars

The movie is yet to be made, but The Selwyn Foundation’s The Selwyn Way is a finalist in another ceremony dedicated to eldercare. 

Launched in 2013 as part of the longstanding Ageing Asia Innovation Forum, the Oscar Awards of Eldercare is a true ‘feel good’ story and the first of its kind in the region.

Like its Hollywood counterpart, it is designed as an annual platform recognising those that demonstrate eldercare innovation in their business, operational and service models to enhance the way older adults age.

One of only two New Zealand finalists out of 116 global organisations from 10 countries competing across 20 categories, The Selwyn Way is in the prestigious Innovation of the Year Care Model representing the best implementation that demonstrates improvement in the quality of life for older adults. 

Selwyn’s solution is based on creating a true home for older people in residential aged care through having small communities, or ‘households’, where residents have a real sense of belonging and decision-making. This particular approach to care is a clear indication of the commitment being made to engage, and empower, residents in taking a leading role in their own wellbeing.    

Similarly, international trends and global ‘best practice’ inspire the Foundation to push boundaries and challenge conventional thinking. 

The concept of Participatory Medicine is a major influence on the design, and functioning, of facilities. Largely to make them more aligned to what residents want in terms of a home rather than having other people make decisions on their behalf. 

In this regard, Selwyn has developed an integrated approach to caring, offering inviting environments without an institutional feeling. As well as major changes in building design and layout, The Selwyn Foundation is also developing programmes and support material around The Selwyn Way, for culture and organisational change right through to language use. 

This conference is being held in Singapore from 15th to 16th May, with the Oscars presented on the final night.