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Selwyn Wilson Carlile

Situated in Grey Street, Hamilton East, the village is close to shopping, public transport and medical services.

Understanding care charges and government subsidies

If you require help with physical needs including activities of daily living you may be eligible for rest home or hospital level care. There is one onsite Care Home available to you at Selwyn Wilson Carlile, Hamilton.

To access rest home or hospital level care on a permanent basis at Selwyn Wilson Carlile, you must be assessed by a Needs Assessor as requiring long-term residential care. A referral for an assessment is normally arranged by your GP.

Short-term respite rest home or hospital care is accessible when suitable care rooms are available.

Your care charges

The New Zealand Government provides funding for some people who may not have the financial means to pay for their care. You will be means-tested by the Needs Assessor to see how much you are able to pay towards the cost of your care. You will be responsible for the payment of any shortfalls in relation to the cost of your care.

To be eligible for Government funding, your entry to permanent residential care must be through your DHB. It is possible to enter residential care without involving the DHB, but you will be liable for the total cost of your care.

Please refer to your Needs Assessor and Work and Income for any information or advice regarding your eligibility or the subsidies available to you.

The cost of care in our Care Home is charged to you in accordance with the rates set out in our admission agreement to be entered into between you and Selwyn.

Premium room charges

Our Care Home offers both standard and premium rooms at rest home or hospital level. If you choose a premium room or request additional services you will be responsible for paying these extra charges. The Government does not fund premium room charges or additional services.

Premium room charges at Selwyn Wilson Carlile range between $7 and $17 per day (GST inclusive).

For more information call us on (07) 838 1562.