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Selwyn Park

Selwyn Park dementia care

The dementia care unit is fresh and welcoming. Charming paintings decorate the walls throughout, and the unit opens to a fully-fenced outdoor area for residents to walk amongst the trees. Visitors are welcome at any time and can join residents for lunch or dinner, or take loved ones for a walk or outing. 

Each resident has their own single room and each is encouraged to decorate the room with pictures, personal items, TV and radio. Familiarity of surroundings is important to residents. The environment is safe and secure, and there are comfortable lounges to enjoy and activities to undertake.


  • appointments with the hairdresser, podiatrist, hearing aid specialist, physiotherapist, dentist, optician or doctor can be arranged
  • special diets and appetites are catered for, with input from a qualified dietician
  • Selwyn Park's dementia unit is fitted with smoke detectors and sprinklers
  • laundry is washed on site
  • the village chaplain visits regularly and is available for counselling and support


There is a wide range of activities available, which are designed for enjoyment and also to help dementia sufferers.  They include: 

  • games
  • crafts
  • gardening
  • music
  • sing-alongs
  • guided walks
  • gentle exercise
  • and minibus outings