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Sarah Selwyn Hospital remains closed to visitors until Monday 30 May 2022. Read more

For a full continuum of care

Changing the way we care for older people

Nestled on a level green parkland halfway between Takanini and Papakura.

Reflecting best practice from around the world, The Selwyn Foundation is set to deliver holistic care and support to the elderly which is focused totally on the individual, their needs and what they want out of life.

The physical design of our facilities, and our staffing structures, are focused on overall wellness, not just clinical care. The new residential care facilities at Selwyn Oaks are the manifestation. Selwyn Oaks village is close to bus routes, motorways, shopping centres and supermarkets and nestled within a friendly neighbourhood ensures a calm setting for retirement. We enjoy excellent associations with the Papakura community and there are on-going relationships with schools and community groups which provide a wonderful and enriching connection for residents.

The Selwyn Foundation care partnership approach