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Selwyn Heights

Ideally situated in a prime location

With uninterrupted views stretching across Auckland’s magnificent Manukau Harbour, and bordered on one side by one of the city’s newest parks (Monte Cecilia), Selwyn Heights is nestled in charming Hillsborough, Auckland.

Including rest home and hospital care, there are around 300 people living on this 5.1 hectare (12.5 acre) site. Perfectly situated close to central Auckland, Selwyn Heights is adjacent to public transport and very near major motorways and the airport. The village is easily accessible for family visiting from the city, Eastern and Western suburbs.

Originally known as the Masonic Village, Selwyn Heights has a strong legacy of supporting older people. Established over 40 years ago, it was purchased in 2005 by The Selwyn Foundation. Selwyn Heights has undergoing major development, with the new Caughey apartments and extensive community facilities recently completed.