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Baby Buddies at Selwyn Village

It seems youthfulness is contagious.

Once a week, Selwyn Village is filled with the laughter of little children. Our Baby Buddies programme, sees local mums and their babies and toddlers visit the village. Playing and singing songs with the little ones provides considerable benefits to older people, lifting their spirits, and even easing the symptoms of some age-related illnesses.

A group of baby volunteers started visiting our Selwyn Village rest homes in 2015 in partnership with local Plunket mother and toddler groups. This community outreach programme is a very rewarding experience for all concerned, enabling residents, parents and babies to meet and have some fun together.

Baby Buddies takes the form of a playgroup which is hosted once a week on a rotational basis. Local mums and their toddlers spend up to one hour in a facility, speaking to residents about motherhood, whilst the children interact, play and sing songs.

Whilst the effect of interacting with babies varies depending on factors such as child-rearing experience and gender, the benefits are considerable and include generally lifting people's spirits and easing the symptoms of age-related illnesses. 

Our Baby Buddies meet every Friday morning from 9:30am - 10:30am at Selwyn Village.

If you and your baby would like to spend time with our residents, contact the Selwyn Village Baby Buddies on their Facebook page