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Sarah Selwyn Hospital remains closed to visitors until Monday 30 May 2022. Read more

Residential Care

We offer lively communities filled with companionship, fun and variety.

We want our residents to enjoy what they can do, without having to worry about health restrictions or limitations. Our focus is on choice and growth, which means lots of constructive activities and spontaneity.

We have different levels of long-term residential support (with the full range available all in one location at some villages), including rest home care, hospital care, dementia day care and secure dementia care. 

Respite care is also available. For example, when someone is recovering from an operation, or their carer goes on holiday.
There are registered nurses at most Selwyn villages on a 24 hour, seven days a week basis.

All our residential care homes are equipped with an innovative nurse call system. The call points are highly visible and specifically designed to be easy to use, giving real peace of mind to people with limited mobility, sensory impairments or dementia. In our newer hospitals, calls are discreet and targeted (unlike the traditional loud call bell) which gives everyone more privacy.

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