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COVID-19 updates for Selwyn staff

COVID-19 information for staff over the December 2020 - January 2021 period.

If there are updates for Selwyn Foundation staff in regards to COVID-19 they will be posted on this page. This information will keep you up to date with any actions you need to take to keep yourselves and our communities safe. 

The information will be based on the government's COVID-19 briefings and it will be intended for Selwyn staff and not the general public.

Additionally, you'll find below:

  1. COVID-19 Contact Tracing. Information on this page will enable you to alert your manager if you, your dependents or anyone who is living with you has worked, attended, recently visited or had close contact with any at-risk locations or with people located there.
  2. Public information for our Villages, Selwyn Centres, Dementia Day Centres and Volunteers. Stay informed with COVID-19 updates which are distributed to residents, guests, and primary contacts. This page is publicly available on our website.

If you need more information in regards to contact tracing - click here.

If you're looking for at-risk locations, The Ministry of Health also has a list of locations on their website.

Any questions or concerns, please raise these with your manager.

For the latest information please check the MOH website.