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International Day of Older Persons

Today, 1 October 2020, is the 30th anniversary of the United Nations’ International Day of Older Persons

Today, 1 October 2020, is the 30th anniversary of the United Nations’ International Day of Older Persons, and is an opportunity for us to reflect on, and appreciate, the contribution that older people make to our communities throughout New Zealand.

International Day of Older Persons also provides a platform to highlight the challenges of ageing in today’s world. This year, it’s being commemorated during a particularly difficult period, with COVID-19 having an untold health and social impact on older populations around the globe, as acknowledged by the UN Secretary-General in the article, Pandemics: Do they change how we address age and ageing? It’s important that society and policy-makers recognise the special needs of older persons during a pandemic and the unprecedented levels of social isolation and loneliness that are experienced as a result.

Every day of the year, The Selwyn Foundation works to deliver the best possible outcomes for older people. The emergence of COVID-19 has strengthened the resolve of our staff working to support and care for the health and wellbeing of the seniors living in our villages and those who are vulnerable living at home in the community. In return, we’ve received wonderful expressions of support and thanks from our Selwyn communities, reinforcing strong relationships that are forged out of genuine care and concern. 

At Selwyn, every day is dedicated to the older persons we care for - and who we care about.


On this International Day of Older Persons, let’s reflect on the important role seniors play in all walks of life, celebrate their wisdom, experience and valued contribution to the collective good, and be thankful for how all our lives are more enriched as a result.

This year, students at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design have helped us prepare for today’s celebration by contributing a video ‘Love letters to elders’, which is introduced by The Selwyn Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer, Garry Smith. We hope you enjoy their messages.

International Day of Older Persons