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The Selwyn Institute

In the spirit of ageing well

The history, traditions, innovations, experiences and success of The Selwyn Foundation, in the area of Aged Care, is an invaluable resource the Institute draws upon, and contributes to, in a variety of ways. 

We work closely with other parts of the Selwyn Foundation, and outside parties, seeking to build on their own efficiencies, services, programmes and desired outcomes. 

This work includes:

  • Conferences, seminars and symposiums;
  • Joint venture projects;
  • Advisory roles;
  • Promotion and application of intellectual property;
  • New programme development;
  • Learning and teaching modules for the Aged Care sector
  • Technological innovation and application;
  • Collaborative research;
  • Facility design;
  • Advocacy;
  • Issue management; and
  • Community representation. 

If you are interested in exploring ways where we can work together, please contact us in confidence.