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The Selwyn Institute

In the spirit of ageing well

Being a knowledge rich environment allows us to help others continue to learn and grow. Providing training and education opportunities for future generations of carers, and other professionals in the aged care field, is a source of pride. 

Surround yourself with fine furry, feathered or even fiber optic friends

Animals provide a myriad of benefits for people and that particularly includes those who are getting older. Studies abound that show the health benefits of having companion animals in one’s life. These include physical fitness—gained from taking a pet for a walk—through to increased mental wellbeing.

How clowns can take the edge off of ageing

In terms of ageing well few phenomena can compete with being a clown. The most ancient "clowns" have been found in the Fifth dynasty of Egypt, around 2400 BC. Confirming a view from ‎Elizabeth MacKinlay Director of the Centre for Ageing and Pastoral Studies at St Mark's National Theological Centre, Canberra, that laughter, spirituality and ageing have inexorable links. Whereby laughter might even be part of the spiritual dimension.

Open your home to the bonuses, and benefits, of technology

It’s common knowledge that New Zealand has an ageing population, and the country will face enormous challenges as a result. By 2051, our population of over-65s will make up approximately 25% of the overall population.
All kinds of new technology are being developed to assist in the care of older people still living at home.

What in the (brave new) world do we do about getting older?

As with many other aspects in today’s ever changing life challenges, using ‘smart’ systems might be a particularly wise move.
With life expectancy increasing the pressure on health and wellbeing services for those getting older will only increase. Other sectors have unleashed the power of technology to help solve problems.