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Knowledge Exchange

Gerontology Nursing Conference 2019

A professional development conference for nurses, clinicians and health professionals in the field of gerontology, to be held on Friday, 4 October 2019, Auckland.

See below for the speaker line-up.

Professor Janine Wiles 

Associate Professor | The University of Auckland 

Janine is an Associate Professor in Population Health at the University of Auckland. She is a geographer and gerontologist, and her research encompasses three disciplinary areas: social/health geographies, critical social gerontologies, and community health; and links three themes: care, place, and ageing.

She has published numerous articles, book chapters, and reports on topics including ageing in place, older people’s resilience, homes and communities as sites or landscapes of care, and the contextualised experiences of family or ‘lay’ caregivers.

Maya Nova

Mindfulness trainer, coach and speaker | Mindbalance

Maya Nova is an executive coach and speaker with over a decade of experience working with leaders and organisations to help them improve their mental and emotional agility, resilience and wellbeing.

Some 25 years ago she started practising mindfulness and meditation, including being ordained as a Buddhist nun for 2 years. Since then, her passion has been to take mindfulness out of the purely Buddhist context, find what is of universal value and, without losing its profound essence, find creative and inclusive ways to integrate it into daily life and work, in order to develop self-awareness, agility, resilience and wellbeing. We live in times of unprecedented change - this can cause a lot of uncertainty and stress. Mindfulness develops clarity; it fosters resilience and enables us to shift from merely surviving towards being able to thrive, even under the challenging circumstances. Maya believes that people have tremendous reservoirs of inner resources and that mindfulness and self-awareness practices can help unlock them.

Some of Maya’s clients include: Nestle NZ, Tower, ANZ, Outward Bound NZ , Sovereign NZ, PwC, TVNZ, Lotto NZ and Auckland Council among many others.

Dr Kathy Peri

Senior Lecturer, School of Nursing | The University of Auckland.

Dr Kathy Peri is a registered nurse and holds a joint appointment as a senior lecturer at the School of Nursing, University of Auckland, and Director of Nursing, Totara Hospice, South Auckland. Her research interests are centred on improving health outcomes and quality of life and care for older people residing in aged residential care and community. She is involved in a number of research studies in this area including dementia, health robotics how older people are ageing in retirement villages. Kathy, with another colleague Dr Gary Cheung, has been instrumental in introducing and training facilitators in Cognitive Stimulation Therapy an evidenced-based intervention for people with mild to moderate dementia over the past few years. Kathy will be discussing non-pharmacological interventions for people with Dementia in this year’s conference.

Dr Michal Boyd

Nurse Practitioner RN, NP, ND | Waitemata District Health Board 

Dr Michal Boyd is a Gerontology Nurse Practitioner and Associate Professor with the School of Nursing and the Freemasons’ Department of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Auckland. She also practices clinically in residential aged care. She has been a provider, leader and researcher of healthcare innovations for older people since the early 1990s.  Dr Boyd developed the “Residential Aged Care Integration Programme” at Waitemata District Health Board. She led the evaluation for Waitemata DHB Cognitive Impairment Pathway and is currently involved in researching primary health care for older people with physical and cognitive frailty and end of life care in residential aged care facilities and is also clinical lead for the Aged Residential Care quality improvement programme with the Health Quality & Safety Commission.

John Ashley

COO, Community | The Selwyn Foundation

As Chief Operating Officer, Community at The Selwyn Foundation, John’s focus is helping to develop and operationalise innovative community services and solutions that that help older people retain their independence at home and ‘age-in-place’ within their communities.

John has a BSc and post-graduate diploma in business, both from the University of Auckland, and across his career has held a variety of roles in NZ and Australia with software companies focused on customer relationship management and health IT solutions and services. 

He is a keen advocate for using virtual health technology and other tech-enabled interventions to bring about change in the way we support older people to live well in their homes.