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Seminar Series Two: The Enduring Power of Attorney

Next to your Last Will & Testament some would say that an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) is an equally essential document to have in place to protect your wishes, your estate and your wellbeing. 

An EPA gives legal authority to your appointed attorney to deal with your assets and/or make personal care and welfare decisions. It transcends an ordinary power of attorney particularly in the event that an accident, or illness, leaves you unable to deal with such matters. 

The person selected has the obligation to work, and act, in your best interests.  Clearly an important role with commensurate responsibilities and duty of care.   

Despite the gravitas of the issues involved a survey conducted in 2017 revealed that most elderly New Zealanders didn’t have one citing a lack of information as the main reason for inactivity. 

In association with The Public Trust the second in the Selwyn Seminar Series seeks to fill this void by revealing the ‘in and outs’ of creating sustainable, and easy to action, solutions that you may choose to put into place for your protection. And more importantly peace of mind.    

When: Friday, 25 May 2018 | 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Where: Theatre, Selwyn Village 
Cost: Gold coin donation

No need to register.
Please join us after the seminar for tea, coffee and biscuits.