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Knowledge Exchange

Seminar Series four: The Incredible Roller Coaster Ride that is Grief

The concept of ‘Good Grief’ was coined by cartoon series Peanuts. Those who have experienced grief might wonder what on earth could be good about it? But perhaps even this dark a cloud might have a silver lining of lessons and insights. Grief is an inevitable part of living.

Society tends to believe that the ‘chief’ emotion is sadness. That is but one of a host of different emotions and experiences that will produce a roller coaster effect. The actual scope of what is possible is almost endless.

If these feelings are not acknowledged and eventually worked through, they can pull you down into the quicksand of grief, each one acting like a weight attached to your ankle.

Grief Centre counsellor and supervisor Nola Forsyth has extensive experience supporting people at a time when they are feeling vulnerable as a result of grief. She helps people find personal strength, wellbeing and most importantly hope for life ahead.

She will share her insights, and experiences, on this most challenging of human experiences helping people understand how we grieve and provide coping strategies for getting through.

When: Friday, 16 November 2018 2:00pm – 3:30pm
Where: The Function Room, Selwyn Heights
Cost: Gold coin donation

No need to register. Friends and family are welcome to attend.
Please join us after the seminar for tea, coffee and biscuits.