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Knowledge Exchange

Being a knowledge-rich environment The Selwyn Institute is able to help others continue to learn and grow.

Providing useful information for older people as they age, professional development and education opportunities for future generations of carers, and other professionals in the aged care field is a source of pride for us.

Check out our latest articles

  • Masks and Covid-19

    From the purely functional to the personalised - masks are the subject on everyone’s lips. Here are some important principles to remember

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  • Resilience

    In 2019 The Selwyn Institute focused on Resilience in the context of ageing and wellbeing. Little did anyone know that so early in 2020, with the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, that the learnings would be so relevant and useful.

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  • Bubble Power

    Bubbles - a place of safety and mini communities staying strong and supporting each other says Director of The Selwyn Institute Hilda Johnson-Bogaerts.

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The Selwyn Institute has a number of articles on ageing and wellbeing from two perspectives, personal and professional development. If you're interested in ageing, wellbeing and spirituality for yourself, or your friends and family click through to our personal development section. If you're interested in ageing from a professional perspective click through to our professional development section for articles targetted towards those in aged care professions. 

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    About Us

    Find out more about our passion for helping people age well.

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    Interested in Research, Aged-care Presentations, Articles, Grants and Scholarships?

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    We focus on creating and maintaining alliances to influence policy in relation to ageing well. Read our latest report on the solutions for a looming loneliness crisis.

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    Consultancy and Courses

    Providing advice and assistance in the development of villages, facilities and services within aged care.