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The Selwyn Institute

In the spirit of ageing well

Insights and information are vital for creating choice and inspiring actions. Life is a journey. Making it more interesting and engaging is ultimately what we’re after.     

Don’t fall for these myths about growing older

Ageing may be a chronological state of measurement whereas elderhood is a state of mind related to being actively and positively alive.

The cat’s meow for companionship

They may seem aloof and guilty of operating to their own agenda but this also means cats can be low maintenance.

A User’s Guide to Ageing Well

As editor of the New York Times magazine WELL Tara Parker-Pope is an authority on getting older. Something she says is inevitable and clearly better than the alternative. Her advice is not rail against the process but instead embrace it.

How to age well—read an expert’s top 10 tips

It is never too late to activate programmes and practices to remain engaged and excited about life. Professor of Human Development and Family Studies Professor Manfred Diehl has proposed there are 10 tips to consider to grow old with a flourish.

Five top living tips from Harvard Medical School

When ‘just what the doctor ordered’ instructions come from Harvard Medical School it might pay to listen. Harvard’s Professor of Medicine Dr I-Min Lee maintains that ‘work outs’ needn’t require Herculean levels of output and performance. The health benefits of some level of activity are clear.

Why NOT saying you’re sorry is good for your health

Good manners dictate that making apologies is important no matter how stressful that might be. Or whether we’re right or wrong.
So why do we do it? New research has taken the view that there are immense psychological benefits to actually not saying you’re sorry.

Don’t remove dignity out of the equation when it comes to growing old

When it comes to ageing well beware of false promises and profits.
In the pursuit of ageing well, or appearing to do so, has Life gone too far?