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Any one returning from Australia from 23 July 21 is asked not to visit our villages or care homes until 14 days after their arrival in New Zealand and/or 14 days after they leave a managed isolation or quarantine (MIQ) facility. Residential Care Residents

A new world

The big wide world just got different in a bigger way

Physically the world still looks the same but coming out of isolation has caused trepidation and certainly tentativeness among many. Among older people in particular this feeling at a time of re-emergence is universal. 

Many New Zealanders are going through the same process with similar sentiments. In this case this is a sharing from a man in Spain. 

I’m writing these words immediately after arriving home from an hour-long walk with two of my grandchildren. People are once again out on the streets and in the city parks.

So where is the ‘team spirit’ now? It’s not that we are like babies starting to walk for the first time, but it does feel something like that. Many things are entirely new, and we are learning how to deal with all of that. And learning to deal with the feelings of suspicion, too.

Oh look, these guys are coming in our direction. Could they be infected? Do they think we’re infected? We try to increase the distance between us when we pass by, and they do the same. I tell my grandchildren that I just don’t know when this strange feeling will end.

Though they were coined in more volatile times the adage of ‘Be well, be kind, be safe’ continues to apply. Remain calm. Try not to be overwhelmed. If you are, seek support and help. Take small steps rather than giant leaps. Celebrate and reflect on what you learned, and how you even grew, during the period of intense isolation. Continue to look at the positive side of things while dealing in a kind and careful way with the not so pleasant memories or experiences. 

Most importantly continue to remember how it felt, and feels, to be part of a winning Team New Zealand. Even bring out the ‘red socks’ to keep the memories safe and warm.