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Any one returning from Australia from 23 July 21 is asked not to visit our villages or care homes until 14 days after their arrival in New Zealand and/or 14 days after they leave a managed isolation or quarantine (MIQ) facility. Residential Care Residents

Personal Development

Being a knowledge-rich environment The Selwyn Foundation, through The Selwyn Institute is able to help others continue to learn and grow.

Providing useful information for older people as they age, professional development and education opportunities for future generations of carers, and other professionals in the aged care is a source of pride for us. 

Stay Cyber Safe

  • Social media connecting Social media connecting

    Social Media Hacks

    Hack attacks. The unsocial side of social media. Not all information that appears on the Internet is reliable, factual, credible, and most importantly safe.

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  • Tech Support Scammers

    In a world of phishers, scammers, and other predators this is a bona fide concern. Which makes the trickery of the tech support scammers even more insidious.

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  • Stop the spread

    Cybercriminals are aggressively capitalising on the state of chaos as they take advantage of the climate of fear, uncertainty and doubt to try to scam and defraud vulnerable people or those who have let their guards down.

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  • The Smishing Link

    Smishing is a combination of the words ‘SMS’ and ‘phishing’. The term is used to describe cyberattacks leveraging apps used for texting. Learn how to spot Smishing here

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  • Beware the lure of on-line love

    Of all the different kinds of cybercrime, romance frauds often result in the greatest financial losses to individual victims. Learn more

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  • Beware the Scammers

    How to stay safe when it comes to phone scams.
    Technology has produced some remarkable benefits along with some ‘bugbears’. Among these is the proliferation of phone scammers.

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