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Selwyn's Commercial Laundry

A fresh approach to your laundry needs

Selwyn's Commercial Laundry provides a range of washing, drying and ironing services.

Every day, our laundry truck visits delivery locations in Auckland, Hamilton and Cambridge.

Working with Selwyn's commercial laundry includes daily pickup and delivery, right to the door of your business. Nothing is a problem, especially with our new state-of-the-art technology. Our system will track and monitor your individual, electronically-tagged laundry items - reducing the risk of lost items and ensuring that everything you receive is always in great condition and properly sorted. Enjoy piece of mind knowing that within 24 hours, you will conveniently receive washed, dry, folded and delivered personal garments and uniforms, at a competitive price.


Never buy linen again:

Leave the costs of buying and replacing linen to us. Instead, rent a full range of top-quality linen, sourced from a leading international provider. (Of course, you can continue to use your own linen if you choose.)

With invoicing of linen rental on a per-item, per-wash basis, you only pay for what you use.


Our services include:
  • Providing high-quality linen and towel stock on a rental basis to customers,
  • accommodating customer-owned goods under arrangement,
  • washing, drying, folding and delivery of personal garments, priced by total weight and turned around within 24 hours,
  • upon request, Selwyn is able to launder a variety of other items, including serviettes, tea towels, aprons, micro cloths, mops, drapes, cushion covers, chair covers, etc, with charges negotiated on an item-by-item basis,
  • provides ironing of sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers, tablecloths and serviettes. These items are machine-ironed for speed, quality, and efficiency,
  • service can include Selwyn-owned or customer-owned laundry bags, service carts, pods, skips, etc. required by Selwyn to provide the laundry service.


Download our Laundry Fact Sheet