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Community services for older adults

Selwyn Strength & Wellness Studios

Located at Selwyn Heights and Selwyn Village


Selwyn Strength & Wellness Studio

Having searched worldwide for age-friendly equipment, our Selwyn Strength and Wellness Studio is furnished with the most advanced exercise equipment technology available today. Finnish company HUR has developed this equipment over 30 years close cooperation with leading researchers in biomechanics and exercise physiology. The computerised air pressure equipment is designed to meet the needs of rehabilitation, senior exercise and inclusive wellness users.

HUR equipment is designed to address our individuality as everyone’s strength and abilities vary. We set the resistance at zero load, to accommodate the weakest users, and then increase by 100g increments.  This means that loads can be set to your exact needs for each and every training session. This results in increased safety and faster progress.

Next steps

You can call us on 0800 30 1234 to arrange an appointment for you to come and visit our studios. Our trained Physio or Exercise Physiologist will assess your strength and set up the equipment to meet your personal requirements (both physical and confidence).

Once set up with your personal requirements, the HUR SmartTouch equipment will enable you to exercise independently. The machines are easy to access and the loads are set up automatically. The touch screen display will provide you with instructions, goals and feedback on your progress. This will give you an immediate sense of achievement.

Our Selwyn Strength & Wellness Studios are not a gym where you just pop in whenever you like. You make an appointment to use the studio at a time of day, and day of the week that works for you. We can guarantee that there will never be more than six guests using the studio at any given time.

This intimate studio is a great way to build up your strength, improve your wellness and meet other people.

At the end of your session, you are welcome to pop in to the village cafés for tea or coffee and a nibble. It's reasonably priced and there is a good variety of food. The cafés on site are for residents, so we do ask that you respect this space, our residents and dress appropriately as you have access due to the goodwill of our residents.

Studio opening hours

Monday - Saturday

8am - 6pm


    • $12 per visit
    • $100 - 10 visit concession ticket


Call us for a chat

We would love to chat with you about our Strength and Wellness studios. Contact us 0800 30 1234 about getting set up today. 

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