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Community services for older adults

Promoting independence using evidenced-based rehabilitation and reablement programmes

As we age the chances of spending time in hospital increases. The Selwyn Foundation recognises that hospital stays can be detrimental to a person’s wellbeing, and moving people back home as soon as possible is paramount. Sometimes there is a need to reable and rehabilitate a person, before they can go home. We are focusing on developing strength and allowing for self-determination, working with those in our care to set goals and maximising mobility, ensuring safety as well as providing therapy and allied health services with a focus on promoting independence using evidenced-based rehabilitation and reablement programmes.

  • Strength & Balance Programme

    Our Forever Young programme caters for all levels of fitness and disability. Most of all - this will be fun! Not like any exercise class you’ve done before.

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  • Strength & Wellness Studio

    Selwyn Strength & Wellness Studio uses innovative HUR equipment, designed to address our individuality as everyone’s strength and abilities vary.

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