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Latest News

Latest News

20 November 2018

The Selwyn Foundation joins an international network of distributors of HUR (Finland) professional exercise equipment for senior training, medical fitness and rehabilitation in New Zealand.

The Selwyn Foundation, through Selwyn Community, has confirmed its new partnership with Finnish company HUR. It now joins an international network of distributors of the specialised equipment and has exclusive distribution rights for New Zealand.

HUR has developed this equipment over 30 years in close cooperation with leading researchers in biomechanics and exercise physiology. The computerised air pressure equipment is designed to meet the needs of rehabilitation, senior exercise and inclusive wellness users.

HUR equipment is designed to address individuality, as everyone’s strength and abilities vary. The equipment’s initial resistance is set at zero load (to accommodate the weakest users) and then increased by 100g increments.  This means that loads can be set to the exact needs of an individual for each and every training session. This results in increased safety and faster progress.

The computerised SmartTouch system allows for easy set-up and training, and means that the users don’t need to remember their programme or record their progress on paper.

The safe natural movement (with optional range limits) is ideal for a rehab setting, and the pneumatic HUR equipment uses air pressure to generate resistance – so there are no heavy metal weights or tricky pins to change loads.

Chief Operating Officer, Selwyn Community – John Ashley says: “We’re delighted to have secured the distribution rights for the HUR product range in New Zealand.

“We’ve been so impressed by the evidence that links exercise using HUR equipment to benefit older people’s health and wellbeing, that we’re soon to launch the first Selwyn Strength & Wellness Studio, equipped with HUR technology.

COO - Selwyn Community - John Ashley

“We look forward to sharing these products with other aged care providers, rehabilitation centres and District Health Boards for the improved wellness of New Zealand’s seniors.”


John Ashley is speaking at the HINZ Conference this week and can be found at booth 26.

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