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Community services for older adults

Selwyn in-home telemonitoring service

Telehealth has a proven track record in improving health care plans, progress and outcomes for people living with long-term health conditions. All aided with easier access to care via communications technologies, e.g. secure video conferencing, helping to improve overall wellbeing.

Selwyn in-home telemonitoring service

With ongoing improvements to health care, research and science, we are living longer than ever before. That said, as we age more people develop long-term health issues such as diabetes, airways disease and heart issues, to name a few. So for many, their final years can be challenging.

Telehealth is the use of information and communication technologies to deliver health care when patients and care providers are not in the same physical location.  This mode of of delivering health care has a proven track record in improving care plans, progress and outcomes for people living with long-term health conditions.

Aided by easier access to care via communications technologies such as secure video conferencing, Telehealth can help to improve overall wellbeing. People with long-term health issues are at risk of avoidable hospitalisations, reduced life expectancy and lesser quality of life. Anyone associated as a caregiver is at risk of increased stress, anxiety and exhaustion. Caregiver burden is a strong indicator of hospitalisation of those for whom they care.

Telemonitoring (remotely collecting and sending patient data) has been shown to have an impact on preventing hospital admissions, reducing the length of stay, and improving health outcomes. Having piloted Telemonitoring in New Zealand with positive results, The Selwyn Foundation launched its telemonitoring services in 2017 enabling older people with long-term health issues to help remain living independently at home.

The Selwyn telemonitoring service is a four-month programme. It is designed to provide coaching on how to live positively and manage your health conditions. We visit your home (whether it be in the community or retirement village) for an initial assessment, arrange and install appropriate equipment and then commence your daily monitoring by a Telehealth nurse.

Through video conferencing and simple-to-use technology, we offer our clients face-to-face daily check-ups with a Selwyn telehealth nurse.
Selwyn’s telemonitoring service is ideal for supporting those with heart or lung conditions, diabetes or those with multiple medical conditions. We will monitor vital signs such as blood pressure, weight, temperature, and oxygen saturation. Results are automatically communicated back to the telehealth nurses, who then link with your GP and other health professionals as required. 

We do offer a holiday respite programme for those whose families may be heading away on holiday and are concerned for their loved one’s wellbeing while they are away. In this instance sometimes all that’s needed is a conversation each day to see how things are going and a reminder to take medications, or we can provide the full telemonitoring service. 


Results to date

Results have been astounding. One client had been a diabetic for 30 years, injecting insulin daily. With daily monitoring and lifestyle coaching over the four-month programme, the client was no longer having to inject insulin daily, and was down to taking a pill only. The programme and daily support from the telehealth nurse enabled the client to make some significant changes to their lifestyle, and improving the quality of their life. “If only I had done this sooner!”
If you would like to talk to us further about our telemonitoring services call 0800 30 1234 for more information or register you interest below and we will contact you.

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