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Looking towards a ‘new normal’ in a COVID world

For ageing and wellbeing it’s helpful to have accessible and useable information to navigate your way

Along with the rest of the world New Zealand is navigating its way through the unchartered world of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the start of the journey the prospects were uncertain and unsettling. We were asked to make sacrifices for the good of our country and communities. Through this we discovered that with solidarity, helpful information, and appropriate support the task was less onerous. 

Navigating our ‘new normal’

Lately we've been reminded of the enduring power and spirit of New Zealanders working as one. We learned new lessons and how, on the world stage, this country can develop and deliver remarkable things. 

As our focus on ageing and wellbeing continues to cover information on COVID-19 we're interested in offering fresh perspectives on what this ‘new normal’ might look like and mean. 

Sites providing solutions   

Information gives people the power to make informed choices. As well as our own initiatives we discovered an increase in the number of people coming to us for solutions for wellbeing and engagement. There were clear benefits in being able to offer what is like a virtual ‘one stop shop’ that was easy to access, understand and navigate. One that will also evolve over time. 

We will be developing an information service providing access to relevant sites, skill development and solutions to help make informed decisions, and choices, about your wellbeing in a post COVID-19 environment. 

This includes providing information from how you can support your health to support services available to help you through situations you may encounter. Our aim is to provide practical reliable, evidence-based, and trust-worthy material. 

As content evolves, initial links will relate to topics of a specific COVID-19 nature but will expand moving forward to deliver solutions the Selwyn Way.

  • This is the site you can rely on for the most up-to-date COVID-19 information: https://covid19.govt.nz/
  • Has it been hard for you to break out of your bubble? Are feeling anxious and worried when you leave home? You may find useful information on this link: https://www.mentalhealth.org.nz/get-help/getting-through-together/helpful-resources/
  • Seniorline is an information site for older people funded by the 20 District Health Boards across NZ. https://www.seniorline.org.nz/. Seniorline has a freephone 0800 725 463. In the first instance it is best for people to have a good look at the Seniorline site, if you still have questions phone the helpful and well informed Seniorline staff with your specific questions.
  • Age Concern New Zealand has launched a Freephone number: 0800 65 2 105 that anyone can call to get advice and support.   

Read more about Support Services which was published on our website during the initial stages and phases of the country’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which you might still find useful.

Being well in your world

Resilience is part of wellbeing. One way to build this strength is through the power of stories. Our own or others from around the world that make sense and are empowering. Our stories are crafted by The Selwyn Institute, providing information and insights that are educational, inspiring, and even entertaining. Read some of these stories below.

The power of a 5 million Kiwis working as one.

The story of COVID-19 in this country will focus very much on how a nation with limited people and resources responded to a challenge of global consequences with what appear to be winning results. Based around a consistent and simple mantra of: Be well, be kind, be safe. READ MORE

The big wide world just got different in a bigger way

Physically the world still looks the same but coming out of isolation has caused trepidation and certainly tentativeness among many.  Among older people in particular this feeling at a time of re-emergence is universal. READ MORE

Remain connected through interesting online videos, podcasts, and interactive websites via our Wellbeing and Engagement section >> or the links below:

Fresh and New:

Eating well to build immunity is important at all times, especially during colder weather to ward off coughs and colds, and when virus’s like COVID-19 are around. Visit the NZ Nutrition Foundation for support resources

Health ED focus on helping New Zealanders stay well, visit their website for information and a free booklet from Ministry of Health on ageing well. 

Home Safety Kits, and important resources for reducing your falls risk at home, Live Stronger For Longer provides information for older people in regards to keeping yourself safe in and around your home.

Being well in your world:

Five insightful and energising actions to enhance wellbeing ​from The Mental Health Foundation.

The Wisdom of the Sages. How wise ones may have handled Covid-19.

Being safe in someone's arms. The place of hugging in a pandemic. ​

New Zealand has led the world in Covid-19 solutions, including research by world-class scientists.


  • Support Services

    We've provided a variety of online shopping resources, communities to connect with, financial support services, and helplines, to ease the stress of life. Click here for more information.

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