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Selwyn Research

Universities and academics frequently conduct studies at our villages and day centres which are designed to deliver new insights into ageing well and spirituality. The Selwyn Institute also pilots concepts and ideas with our residents as part of award-winning research projects.

Telehealth Care Pilot

During 2015, The Selwyn Foundation and leading Australian health technology and community service provider, Feros Care, piloted technology to support people with chronic health conditions. Twenty clients were set up with the 'My Health Clinic at Home' technology, comprising a touch-screen computer and diagnosis-specific monitoring equipment.

Each day, clients completed a customised health interview and measured their vital signs, with the results automatically sent to our triage software and reviewed by one of our telehealth nurses.  Both client and nurse would then discuss the results by videoconference and any particular action that might be required to manage the person’s care that day.  In this way, clients were supported through the winter months to keep well and out of hospital, developing a better understanding of their condition, how to manage it and how to recognise when an intervention was required.

Excellent results were achieved, with hospital admissions reduced by over 60%, and 75% of clients reporting that they felt their health status had improved and that they better understood their condition.

See the full report below.


A key objective for the Foundation is to facilitate research in gerontology and aged care, in order to promote an improvement in the overall quality of life of older people in the long-term. The Foundation supports a wide range of research projects in this area and partners closely with universities based in Auckland.

The Foundation’s engagement in such pioneering research – the outcomes of which are publicised in respected clinical journals and international peer-reviewed literature for further analysis and debate – highlights our progressive approach to gerontology and aged care, as well as our commitment to building greater understanding and support of older people.

Projects completed in 2016 or due for completion in 2017:

  • A scoping project to identify key points in the pathway of stroke survivors from first admission in a long term care facility
  • A study into the feasibility and acceptability of providing oral health services for older adults in residential care facilities
  • Ageing and Society: A Project to Understand Life as an Older Person in New Zealand
  • Caregiver hand hygiene in long term Residential Aged Care facilities
  • Medical problems and medical trajectories (evolution of those outcomes over time) of retirement village residents
  • Reducing cognitive, functional, depressive and behavioural problems in people with dementia and reducing the caregiver’s burden through robotic seals
  • Taking the perspective of others: the effects of normal ageing on Theory of Mind abilities
  • The Community Dance Group for Persons with Neurological Conditions: to support the health and well-being of people with neurological conditions through dance
  • The effects of Poi and Tai Chi on physical and cognitive function in healthy older adults
  • The nature of grief in family and professional caregivers of people with dementia