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We provide scholarships and bursaries for postgraduate students wishing to research ageing and spirituality. 

Hope Foundation scholarship

The Selwyn Foundation provides a grant of $82,000 to The HOPE Foundation, a non-Government funded charitable trust dedicated to sponsoring research on ageing and the effect of ageing on the New Zealand community.

Selwyn’s sponsorship represents a significant contribution to The HOPE Foundation’s research and education on ageing in New Zealand, as it enables the organisation to continue its funding for masters and doctoral student research on gerontology in a variety of disciplines, thus encouraging young scientists to develop careers in ageing research. It also provides valuable information to inform continued improvement of services for older people.

The HOPE Foundation’s Chair, Professor Emeritus David Richmond, commented: ‘The Selwyn Foundation’s sponsorship is absolutely crucial to the continuing work of The HOPE Foundation. In addition to helping us fund further research on ageing, it will enable us to continue with our community seminars and to develop other key initiatives that, until now, we have not had the finance to implement.’

Commenting on the background to the initiative, Garry Smith, Chief Executive of The Selwyn Foundation, says: ‘We are delighted to be able to support the work of The HOPE Foundation with this grant.' 

‘Through our Charitable Mission, which is a key goal of The Selwyn Foundation’s Strategic Plan, it is our primary aim to promote the welfare of ageing people. In addition to our funding of the Selwyn community day centres and investment in the work of The Selwyn Centre for Ageing and Spirituality, the Foundation distributes over $500,000 to charitable and not-for-profit groups at a wider level. Such funding helps ensure that resources and staffing are available beyond Selwyn’s immediate scope, to support an environment that promotes a culture of ageing well for New Zealand’s elders.’

The funding is provided on an annual basis for an initial period of three years.

For further information on how to apply for the HOPE scholarship please CLICK HERE

Ageing and Spirituality Research Grants

The Selwyn Institute also offers two bursaries each year through Auckland, Victoria or Otago Universities for postgraduate students wishing to research ageing and spirituality. Such support aims to encourage students to research ageing and spirituality from a variety of angles, depending on their discipline.

We also expect to commission research on other related topics and to facilitate this study at various locations. Currently, we are collaborating with various institutions, researching areas such as clinical processes and the impact on aged care residents, physical movement in older people as well as technology and the health of older people.

We invite students with a research interest in the field of ageing and spirituality to apply for a scholarship by completing the Scholarship Application Form.  Scholarships of $5,000 are available each year.

If you are a researcher interested in conducting studies in the above fields, please refer to our Research Procedure or contact selwyninstitute@selwyncare.org.nz for further information.