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“To care for those who once cared for us, is one of the highest honours.” - Tia Walker

The Selwyn Institute for Ageing and Spirituality is proud to have an active role as a champion for elderly people, using facts and evidence to influence social and economic policy. 

Extending our reach

We are members of a number of relevant industry associations and advocacy groups, including the NZ Council of Christian Services, New Zealand Association of Gerontology (NZAG), The Retirement Villages Association of NZ, the NZ Aged Care Association, Auckland City Mission, Parkinsons NZ and Alzhiemers NZ. The Selwyn Foundation's CEO is deputy chair of The Retirement Villages Association of NZ and The Selwyn Foundation is a major sponsor of the Auckland City Mission and the NZAG webinars.

Just as importantly, the Ministry of Health regularly invites The Selwyn Foundation to contribute its expertise, research and views to its planning work, and to participate in working groups in relation to aged care strategies. During 2015, the Foundation contributed to the Ministry of Health’s review of its Health of Older People Strategy.

In addition, Hilda Johnson-Bogaerts, General Manager of The Selwyn Institute for Ageing and Spirituality, took an active role in the working group tasked with producing guidelines for the design of secure dementia care homes. These principles apply to refurbishments and new buildings developed from 2016 onwards. She is also part of the policy group for the NZ Council of Christian Services.

Making a difference to the lives of individuals each and every day

Staff in The Selwyn Foundation’s various villages, day centres, and Selwyn Centres play an important advocacy role at a local level, as part of their day-to-day activities.

They help older people resolve a multitude of issues by negotiating on their behalf with government bodies, healthcare providers and commercial organisations. Their advocacy work involves everything from providing referral advice and giving support and information on a wide range of matters, to contacting Work and Income for assistance with bills and helping with housing issues and family-related matters.